About QualSAt

John Lindland created 7FM

John Lindland is the principle Trainer and Consultant at QualSAT and he has many experts upon whom he can draw to support any project of any size.  John will remain lead on all projects.

He has over 35 years of applied experience in all phases of product design (top system, system, assembly, component) and production (material processing, component manufacturing, assembly, and top system assembly) operations.  He has owned several businesses and has held executive positions in several companies.

As needed, John has strategic partnerships and can support any project of any size in the realm of the training and consulting offered virtually or at your location.  He can develop your employees to be experts so your company can accelerate your performance and be self reliant.  This was the approach used at Fiat Chrysler Automobiles with the Chrysler Pacifica full vehicle application of 7FM.  No new employees were required.  The vehicle launched in three years, concept to production.  It launched 60% better than any vehicle in its class.  This includes the PHEV powertrain.  There were no significant validation failures that delayed its entry into the market place.  It is most award winning vehicle in its class since launch.  The Chrysler Pacifica was selected by Waymo for its autonomous vehicle platform.  The Pacifica PHEV has remained in the top three best solutions since launch. By his self, working with your teams, he can help transform your company.

In the 1990s he developed a training and consulting firm that supported the quality training at Eastern Michigan University.  This was among the most dominant training and consulting organizations in the USA.  John earned two Cecil C Craig national quality awards through ASQ (the Dynamic Cost of Quality Model and Error-proofing and Mistake-Proofing).

John has consulted around the world for 21 years until re-entering industry in 2012 (Fiat Chrysler Automobiles, Raytheon, and TuSimple)

In 2012 he met with Fiat Chrysler and accepted a 10 week consulting contract.  There he met Doug Betts (Sr VP of Quality) and Meg Novacek (Director of Quality and Reliability).  Meg convinced John to accept the role of Global Lead DFMEA for FCA.  John brought his 7FM Failure Mode and Effect Analysis methods, which is far more than FMEA.  Doug and Meg considered that their new PHEV would the right platform for using the tools to their fullest effect.  John accepted a full time position as the Global Lead of Design Failure Mode and Effects Analysis.  John trained several thousand FCA employees worldwide and led all the original high risk FMEAs.  He developed experts in his methods.  The Chrysler Pacifica project began in 2013 under the program management of Margaret Brach and was in production in 2016 with no significant validation failures.  It launched 60% better in quality than any other vehicle in its class.  They did not catch Toyota, they leaped past their performance.  This is the best performing vehicle in the history of FCA.  7FM and John Lindland, with the clear guidance and support of the executives and managers along with the complete buy-in of the engineers was the difference.

All of the training and consulting at QualSAT were developed by John.  They are all fast and powerful.  The methods have proven over and over that problems that could not be solved in 6+months can be solved in hours and days (7FM Root Cause Analysis for process and product).  Processes that could not keep up with production can produce twice the volume and all good quality.

John was member of FCA’s Global Functional Safety Steering Committee as well as their working group.  He guided many functional safety applications.