7FM Creating and Sustaining Operational Excellence
Training Length - TBD - Training is based on needs

Identify the most important processes that drive the business.  The direct path of excellence is marketing/sales product design, purchasing, process design, receiving, production/operations, transfer to the customer.  There are many supporting processes.  Within each of the key processes are areas of poor performance.  These processes need to be improved.  There are many historical product designs that perform poorly as compared to newer designs.  There are some important new designs that need to be flawless.  Many production/operation processes perform poorly.  Many perform well.  7FM Process matrix FMEA can be used to study all processes and drive improvements.  When the improvement is a specific past/new product design, the best starting tool is 7FM Design Matrix FMEA.  The Matrix FMEAs will identify the best methods for improving the specific business processes and designs.  

This is a specialized combination of consulting and training based upon your company’s unique business opportunities, business pressures, performance capabilities, and improvement opportunities.

It begins with 2-day overview of the process with workshops that create clarity.  Next, we hold executive workshops and develop move forward strategy.  Each executive’s needs will be different and we work together to design the most effective 7FM methods based on each executive’s goals.  7FM methodologies are all joined and flow seamlessly from current state to the optimized future state of excellence.  At this point there is a clear vision, all conversation has taken place and agreements have been reached.  Then, hands on development training and consulting is scheduled.

All businesses performance is the result of the processes for producing and satisfying contractual obligations.  Optimal performance is achieved when all process functions align and no work effort is wasted.  Leadership ensures that all employees know their priorities and their process.

Leadership designs the structure of the business to flow seamlessly from contract to satisfaction.  Executive Workshops – Alignment of the Business based upon objectives

Management hires or develops competency of employees and ensures that all processes are followed.  Gap Analysis of Employee Expertise – Development of Business Capabilities

  • Prioritize Processes for Improvement 7FM – Matrix Analysis and Prioritization of Opportunities
  • Assigning Teams and Metrics.
  • 7FM Techniques: New Product and Process Design
  • 7FM Techniques: Optimizing Current Product and Process Designs
  • 7FM Design Root Cause Analysis
  • 7FM Process Root Cause Analysis
  • 7FM Design for Assembly and Design for Manufacturing
  • Effective Management Reviews
  • New Contracts – Creating/Changing business processes – Managing Growth
  • New Product/Process Designs: Core Designs, New/Change Risks, Effective Verification/Validation – Selection of the most appropriate 7FM design techniques
  • Product and Process Improvement: When the product/process has many different types of problems
  • Product and Process Root Cause Analysis: When problems are specific