Statistical Methods

The training material and the training is produced by an expert who has a long history of successfully applying statistical methods.  He was the statistical expert for the Ford Electronics supply base in the late 1980’s and he has performed over 500 experiments in industry.

  • Explanations are clear and meaningful and statistical theory is applied with clear hands on examples
  • Proven methods are used select experiment factors, their levels, degradation noise factors
  • How to avoid wasted experiments is clearly explained
  • Statistical methods can be easy to understand and to use.
  • The approaches taught by QualSAT are practical and direct.
  • Theory is explained in a straightforward way with useful examples which promotes solid applications.
  • Statistical methods can model a population or process and assess location, spread, shape
  • Sequential experimentation produces efficiency of experimenting and avoids the large experiments that try to explain everything at once.
  •  The methods can extract the importance control factors